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Keep Your Website Healthy With a Support Plan from Michael the Tech Guy

For a small business website to remain healthy, it requires ongoing maintenance. This maintenance consists of updating existing content, adding new content, blog post creation, WordPress/theme/plugin updates, and regular backups of your site.

By keeping the content fresh you give your visitors something new each time they browse your site. Updating WordPress and performing regular website backups is vital to keeping your site running smoothly and securely.




The Benefits of Having a Trusted Advisor:

Having a trusted technological advisor for your business has never been more important. Your trusted advisor is there to do more than the maintenance described in the paragraphs above. In addition, your trusted advisor should be a constant source of advice, solutions and ways to improve and expand your small business website.

Having a trusted advisor means that you always have an ally to help you with your newest project, changes to your website, social media, and much more. Trusted advisors also have the benefit of working with you over time, continually learning how to best meet the needs of your business.

Do you have a trusted advisor for your business?


Why is a Website Support Plan Important?

A website support plan is the best way to ensure that your website will stay healthy, relevant, and up to date. We have all visited websites with out-dated information, expired coupons, or broken pages and links. Having a website support plan is the first step to protect your website from joining the millions of websites in disrepair.

Websites also require maintenance on the back end. Websites need regular updates of the core files, themes, and plugins to keep the site running smoothly and to maintain security. In addition, making regular backups of your website guarantees that if something does go wrong, you can easily recover your site ensuring all your hard work is not lost.


The Michael the Tech Guy Support Plan:

Our support plans offer our customers the benefit of having a well maintained website. In doing so it also greatly reduces the amount of time you need to spend maintaining your site.

We accomplish this through recurrent security and WordPress updates, backups of your site, existing page maintenance, new link, text and image updates, statistical site analysis and social media management.

A successful and vibrant website is one that is ever evolving. Whether you are publishing a few blog posts a month, or updating out of date or seasonal content, it pays to have a website support plan from Michael the Tech Guy. Every one of our support plans covers your website with one hour of service a month. This is typically enough time to add a few blog posts to your site or add four or five images and a few paragraphs of text.

Summing Up What Is Included In Our Support Plan:

  • Recurrent security and WordPress updates
  • Site backups
  • Existing page maintenance
  • Blog page creation
  • New links, text and image updates
  • Statistical site analysis
  • Social media management



Our support plans offer our services at extremely discounted prices. We believe strongly in the importance of a solid maintenance schedule and ever evolving the content on your website. Here is a price list of the support plans we offer:


Support PlanCoverage PeriodCost
Silver6 months$429 ($71/mo.)
Gold12 months$719 ($60/mo.)
Platinum24 months$1,149 ($48/mo.)

All of our extended support plans provide clients with one hour of support per month covered by the plan. Monthly support hours do not normally accrue; special conditions can be arranged for larger support jobs.


We Love Supporting Our Customers:

The folks at Michael the Tech Guy take great pride in working closely with all of our clients. We strive to build the best possible relationship and trust with our customers, long after their website is built.

Having a website support plan from Michael the Tech Guy guarantees that you have a trusted technical advisor to help your website and business grow.

We encourage you to call us at 734-707-6865 today to discuss how a support plan from Michael the Tech Guy can help your business.

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