Our Support Plans

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At Michael the Tech Guy we believe that a great website needs to be maintained in order to remain great. Our support plans offer our customers the benefits of having a well maintained website without the effort. We accomplish this through recurrent security and WordPress updates, backups of your site, existing page maintenance, new link, text and image updates, statistical site analysis and social media management.

A successful and vibrant website is one that is ever evolving. Whether you are publishing a few blog posts a month, or updating out of date or seasonal content, it pays to have a website support plan from Michael the Tech Guy. Every one of our site packages comes with a support plan that covers your website with one hour of service a month. This is typically enough time to add a few blog posts to your site or add four or five images and a few paragraphs of text.

We also offer extended support plans so you can continue keeping your site fresh and updated. These plans offer our services at extremely discounted prices. We feel very strongly in the importance of an ever evolving website and have priced these extended support plans accordingly.

Extended Support Plans:

Support PlanCoverage PeriodCost
Silver6 months$429 ($71/mo.)
Gold12 months$719 ($60/mo.)
Platinum24 months$1,149 ($48/mo.)

What Is Included:

Recurrent security and WordPress updates, site backups, existing page maintenance, blog page creation, new links, text and image updates, statistical site analysis, and social media management

Our extended support plans provide clients with one hour of support for the coverage period dictated by their chosen plan. We will never exceed your monthly support time without contacting you first for permission. If there comes a time when you need support in addition to your monthly allocation we offer a discounted hourly rate for the overflow.

Monthly support hours do not normally accrue; special conditions can be arranged for larger support jobs.

We are committed to delivering quality, timely and professional support to all of our clients.
Don’t hesitate to call 734-707-6865 or email mmurphy65@gmail.com with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!