Search Engine Optimization

Michael the Tech Guy | SEOSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a series of steps a website developer follows to ensure the site ranks highly in search engine results based on specific terms.  For instance, if you are developing a site for an Ann Arbor based auto repair shop, you might consider optimization terms like “Ann Arbor Auto Repair” or “Washtenaw County Brake Work.”  Choosing the terms to optimize is a key step in the process, but not the only one.

The folks at Michael the Tech Guy have been extensively trained in both the process of choosing the terms, but also in ensuring your website design takes full advantage of them through optimization.  The real tricky part is that the algorithms the search engines use to determine rankings are trade secrets.  And to make this process even more challenging, those trade secrets are in a state of constant change.  

We make sure to stay one step ahead of the changing world of SEO by participating in a group of experts whose leaders never stop working with Google, Bing, and Yahoo in order to keep the group’s SEO skills state-of-the-art.

Whether you have an existing site that needs better rankings or want a new site that will jump out at folks when they Google, contact the crew at Michael the Tech Guy.  You can email or feel free to call us at 734-707-6865.