The team at Michael the Tech Guy are always ready to help you with your small  business Internet marketing needs.  Below is a list of the most popular services we offer.  Simply click on the name of the service for more specific information.

Website Design

Michael the Tech Guy | Web DesignThrough the integration of aesthetically pleasing design, logical site navigation, and strong organic and local search engine optimization, the folks at Michael the Tech Guy strive to provide our clients with great value at an affordable price.  We achieve this by combining years of technical experience with close customer collaboration.

By designing WordPress based web sites. we create designs that can be easily updated and changed by clients with the desire to do so, once the site is live.  We have a number of different WordPress themes in our arsenal that allow us to tailor the site to the needs of the client.  The choice of theme is dependent upon the clients type of business, the visual feel they wish to convey, and the desire (or lack of desire) to edit and maintain the site after launch.

Here are some examples, in our portfolio, of WordPress web sites designed at Michael the Tech Guy.

Michael the Tech Guy is always ready to discuss your small businesses website needs.  Feel free to email or call us at 734-707-6865.

Search Engine Optimization

Michael the Tech Guy | SEOSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a series of steps a website developer follows to ensure the site ranks highly in search engine results based on specific terms.  For instance, if you are developing a site for an Ann Arbor based auto repair shop, you might consider optimization terms like “Ann Arbor Auto Repair” or “Washtenaw County Brake Work.”  Choosing the terms to optimize is a key step in the process, but not the only one.

The folks at Michael the Tech Guy have been extensively trained in both the process of choosing the terms, but also in ensuring your website design takes full advantage of them through optimization.  The real tricky part is that the algorithms the search engines use to determine rankings are trade secrets.  And to make this process even more challenging, those trade secrets are in a state of constant change.  

We make sure to stay one step ahead of the changing world of SEO by participating in a group of experts whose leaders never stop working with Google, Bing, and Yahoo in order to keep the group’s SEO skills state-of-the-art.

Whether you have an existing site that needs better rankings or want a new site that will jump out at folks when they Google, contact the crew at Michael the Tech Guy.  You can email or feel free to call us at 734-707-6865.

Responsive Design

Michael the Tech Guy | Responsive DesignThere is no longer any question that the mobile-age of the Internet is here, and that it is here to stay.  Everyday more and more people access websites on their smart phones and tablets.  At this stage of the game it is almost inconceivable for a small business not to have a mobile-friendly website.

Because of this, every website we design at Michael the Tech Guy is responsive.  What is a responsive website?  By definition responsive web design (RWD) is an approach of design aimed at creating sites that provide optimal viewing experiences across all devices.  That is, they are easy to read and navigate with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling across all display types (desktop display, smartphone, or tablet).

This year mobile browsing share is expected to exceed 40% and is almost undoubtedly going to continue it’s growth next year.  Your business can’t be without mobile optimization.  If your small business currently has a website check it out for yourself.  Simply browse to it on your smart phone or tablet.  If you are unhappy with the results contact Michael the Tech Guy at 734-707-6865 or drop us an email at

Support Plans

Michael the Tech Guy | Support PlansWe offer many different plans to help ensure your website is supported through out its Internet lifetime.  We offer significant savings for customers opting for our more extended plans.  Click here for all the specifics regarding the support plans offered by Michael the Tech Guy.

Michael the Tech Guy is always ready to discuss your small businesses website needs.  Feel free to or call us at 734-707-6865.

Email Marketing

Michael the Tech Guy | Email MarketingReaching out to your customers through email remains a powerful way to share news about your small business.  Consumers enjoy receiving emails. And at least 91% of consumers check their email everyday. Which makes email the leading communication channel.  The email marketing naysayers are simply incorrect.

Email provides you a direct channel of communication to your customer base.  Through this channel you can continue to build and reinforce you company brand through the use of words, photos, and even videos.  For these reasons, email marketing is here to stay.

Everything from the content within the body of the email, to the length of your subject line, to the ratio of pictures to text can effect the open and click through rates of your messages.  Email marketing is not as simple as slapping together a form letter and electronically firing it off to all your customers.

Have no fear as the folks at Michael the Tech Guy are here to help.  By including link back references to your web site and electronic coupons within the body of a communication that is fun to read, we are able to guarantee your email marketing success.

Our folks are able to help you write and design your email communication, add a system of capturing new email addresses on your website, manage your existing address list, and even provide detail reporting regarding your email marketing campaigns.  When you are ready for Michael the Tech Guy to help you manage your email marketing don’t hesitate to email or call us at 734-707-6865.