03 May May 03, 2015

Why Every Business Should Be Concerned About Online Reviews

At Michael the Tech Guy we push the importance of online review and recommendation management to all of our customers; both current and prospective. The speculative ship has passed when it comes to a successful businesses taking a proactive approach to their online reviews – it is docked in the harbor and is here to stay.

When talking to my customers I usually pose the question: “what are the most important factors that go into your decision to purchase an item on Amazon?” Their answers are always the same: “I look at the product’s star rating and read the customer reviews”. How prospective customers look at your business online is no different.

Here at Michael the Tech Guy we use AND offer our customers an online review development tool called GetFiveStars. For less then a dollar a day, GetFiveStars lets you take command over your online reviews – letting you spotlight positive customer experiences on your website, catch and address the negative ones, and direct your happy customers to the review services of your choice. That is an incredible bargain for any business.

I recently attended an online panel discussion covering the importance of developing your online reviews and felt it was so valuable that I would be amiss not to share it with you. It was titled “Making Reviews & Reputation Work For Local Businesses” and was organized and moderated by BrightLocal as an installment of their ongoing InsideLocal series. Fortunately the good folks at BrightLocal posted the video for all to enjoy.

InsideLocal Banner

You can watch the taped webinar here.

If you are interested in getting your business on the review and reputation bandwagon don’t hesitate to contact us at 734-707-6865 or email mmurphy65@gmail.com. Now is the time!

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